• Carbon (graphite)

Carbon (graphite)

  • CasNo:7782-42-5
  • Purity:99%

Product Details;

CasNo: 7782-42-5

Molecular Formula: C

Appearance: soft dark grey solid

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What is the Carbon (graphite) ?

Carbon (graphite) is soft dark grey solid, while it's Molecular Formula is C. Carbon Fiber is a polymer and is sometimes known as graphite fiber. It is a very strong material that is also very lightweight. Carbon fiber is five-times stronger than steel and twice as stiff.

What is the CAS number for Carbon (graphite) ?

The CAS number of Carbon (graphite) is 7782-42-5.

More information of Carbon (graphite) 7782-42-5 are:


1502ZV;Asbury A 60;Asbury A 99;Asbury APS;Asbury M 850;Asbury Micro440;Asbury PM 9;Ashbury 4740;B 16KP;BBC 150S;BF 10A;BF 18A;BF 20A;BF 250A;BF 5A;BF 8A;BG 35;BG 39;BN;BN (carbon);BP 8083;BSP (graphite);BSP100A;BSP 20;BSP 20A;BSP 20AP;BSP 3000;BSP 50;BSP 600SS;BSP 60AS;BT-LBG2016A;Belsorp 18;Black lead;Blue P;Borax Black PMB;Branwell;C 1(filler);C 26-1079;C 41-1487;C 60;C 60 (graphite);C 60S;C.I. 77265;C.I.Pigment Black 10;CA 60;CA 60 (graphite);CA 60N;CA 60S;CB 100;CB 100(graphite);CB 150;CB 400;CB 50;CB 50 (graphite);CB-A;CBR;CF 300;CFW18A;CFW 50A;CG-G;CGB;CGC 100;CGC 100H;CGC 15;CGC 30;CL 5890;CL 5890PT;CLX;CM 100;CM 100 (graphite);CMX (graphite);CMX 40;CP (carbon);CP 150;CP 2;CP 2 (graphite);CP-N;CPB (graphite);CPB 3;CPB 30;CPB3000;CPB 5000;CPB-J;CPB-S;CPF 3;CPF 3 (mineral);CPM 2;CPM 5;CR 12;CR12 (graphite);CR 12/96;CR 2996;CR 5;CR 5 (graphite);150F;160-50N;220-50N;3203HS;3KA;48NF;5099SS3;50LTE-U;50LTE-UN;5890PT;5BDN;5BGN;7814C;8020S;8099H;8099L;8099M;80LTE-U;80LTE110;96L3;A 0;A0 (graphite);A 1109;A 3 (graphite);A 625;A 99 (graphite);A-SORB;AB 065M;ACB 100;ACB 150;ACP (filler);ACP 1000;ACP 20NB;ACP3000;AF 96/97;AG 1500;AG 4 (graphite);AGB 5S;AGP 60S;AGP Toku S;AGP-H;AGSX;AM 9060;AMI 1226;AO;AO (graphite);AO 35;AOP;AP 2 (graphite);AS 1;ASP (graphite);ASP 20NB;ASSP;ASSP-E;AT 10E;AT 180;AT 20;AT 20 (graphite);AT 40;AT 40 (graphite);AT 5 (graphite);ATJ;ATJ-S;ATJ-S graphite;AUP;AX 032;AX 280K;AX 650K;AX 750K;AXF 5Q;AXF 5Q1;AXP;AXZ 5Q;Acheson 545;Aerodag G;Aerolor A 05;Aerolor A 21;Airco 60;Aqua-Dag;Aqua-Dag E;Asbury 3120;Asbury 3160;Asbury 3243;Asbury 3264;Asbury 3335;Asbury 3427;Asbury 3494;Asbury 3579;Asbury 3610;Asbury 3621;Asbury 4012;Asbury 4421;Asbury 4740;Asbury 4827;Asbury 4957;Asbury 81120;Asbury 8485;Asbury A 230U;

CAS Number


Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight



2.2 g/mL at 25 °C

Melting Point

3652-3697 °C(lit.)

Boiling Point







(See protection codes) Skin:No recommendation Eyes:No recommendation Wash skin:No recommendation Remove:No recommendation Change:No recommendation


respiratory system, cardiovascular system

What is Carbon (graphite) (7782-42-5) used for?

Carbon graphite is a material made of graphite and amorphous carbon. It is a crystalline form of carbon that is made up of stacked layers of graphene. Carbon graphite is self-lubricating, so it can run dry in certain conditions without the need for grease or oil lubrication. It can also operate in temperatures as high as 850 F.

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