• Selank peptide

Selank peptide

  • CasNo:129954-34-3
  • Purity:99%

Product Details;

CasNo: 129954-34-3

Molecular Formula: C33H57N11O9

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1.What is the Selank peptide ?

Selank is a synthetic derivative of the tetrapeptide tuftsin that contains a proline-glycine-proline sequence at the C-terminus and has anxiolytic and anti-inflammatory activities. It increases the amplitude and discharge rate of inhibitory postsynaptic currents of neurons in the rat hippocampal CA1 region when used at a concentration of 1 μM. It decreases the level of affective responses and the number of erroneous escape attempts in rats in an acute stress situation, increases orientational-investigative responses of rats in an unfamiliar situation, and reduces the time mice spend immobile in the forced swim test. Through allosteric modulation of GABA receptors, Selank regulates communication between brain cells to help influence processes involved in nootropic action and stimulation of mental activity.

2.What is the CAS number for Selank peptide ?

The CAS number of Selank peptide is 129954-34-3.

3.What are another words for Selank peptide ?

Synonyms for Selank peptide 129954-34-3:

4.What is Selank peptide (129954-34-3) used for?

Selank is a synthetic regulatory peptide and nootropic drug that has anxiolytic properties. It has antidepressant , antistress, and neuropsychotropic effects. Selank is also said to remove fear and aggression reactions. Selank is not only effective but produces quick results. In fact, most users of the peptide notice effects within 10 – 20 minutes of administration. From there, the positive effects usually last for 12 – 18 hours. The Russian Academy of Sciences' Institute of Molecular Genetics developed Selank.

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